Airport Public Transit Directory

TransLink operates Route 424 from the airport.  It connects the airport with the
Airport Bus Station.  Route 424 operates from 5:20am until 12:45am daily with seven
to ten minute intervals most of the day, and no more than 15 minute intervals during
off-peak periods.  At the Airport Bus Station, you can transfer to Route 98-B which
goes in to downtown.  From there, you can transfer to bus and water lines throughout
the city.  Route 98-B operates every 5 to 6 minutes most of the day, with no more
than 15 minute intervals during off-peak times.  The line runs seven days a week, 24
hours a day.  Fare is $3.75 from the airport to downtown and transfers are free for
up to 90 minutes.  Fares are zoned, so be aware of that.  A day pass is $9.00 and
good for all zones.  More information at or call 604-953-3333.

Updated July 27, 2009

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