Airport Public Transit Directory


The city's bus service, OC Transpo, serves the airport with Route 97.  Route 97
connects directly with the O-Train that runs into downtown Ottawa.  From the
O-Train, you can transfer again to the Transitway, a bus-only roadway that will get
you to the downtown area.  This sounds more difficult than it is, it is very simple to
guide your way through the system, and nearly impossible to get lost.  It is a great
way to get to the city from the airport.  Once downtown, hotels, museums and sites
are mostly within walking distance.  Buses and trains run from 6:30am until midnight,
at about 15 minute intervals.  The fare is $2.25, and a day pass is $7.50 on the bus,
or $6.50 if purchased from a vendor.  The vendor at the airport is the Ground
Transportation Desk on level 1.  Web site is or call

Updated December 31, 2008

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