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Suntran operates two routes from the airport.  Route 6 connects the airport to
downtown Tucson.  It operates from 4:35am until 10:50pm, every 15 to 60 minutes,
depending on time of day, on weekdays.  It operates hourly on weekends, from
6:13am until 8:14pm on Saturdays, and 6:15am until 7:15pm on Sundays.  Downtown
is not the last stop on this route, so make sure you get off when you need to.  Trip
takes about 45 minutes.  
Route 11 runs to the Laos Transit Center and along
Alvernon, ending at Dodge and River.  This line operates about every 30 minutes,
from 6:07am until 6:51pm weekdays, and hourly on weekends from 6:08am until
7:08pm on Saturdays, and 7:03am until 7:03pm on Sundays.  Fare is $1.50, and
transfers are free to non-express routes.  For information, call 520-792-9222, go to, or e-mail   

Updated January 20, 2012

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