Airport Public Transit Directory


The Santa Maria Area Transit (SMAT) operates Route 8 to and from the airport.  
Route 8 runs from 6:38am until 6:38pm every 30 minutes on weekdays, and from       
8:38am until 5:38pm on Saturdays, and 9:38am until 5:38pm on Sundays.  The route
only serves the southern part of town, so to go downtown and other parts of the city,
connect with Route 1 at South Broadway and McCoy Lane.   Route 62 is an after
hours route that also serves the airport.  It picks up at 8:17pm, 9:02pm and 9:49pm
on weekdays only.  It goes all over the city, so you can get downtown, and just about
everywhere else in the city, on this bus.  The fare is $1.25, and an all-day pass is
$3.00.  For more information, go to or call

The Breeze Bus also serves the airport.  The Breeze Bus is a commuter bus that
runs between the Town Center Mall in downtown Santa Maria to Lompoc, with a stop
at Vandenberg Air Force Base.  The bus going toward Santa Maria operates at
6:51am, 7:22am, 9:23am, 12:23pm, 2:23pm, 4:23pm, 5:00pm, and 6:10pm.  The bus
going toward Lompoc and Vandenberg Air Force Base leaves the airport at 5:59am,
6:23am, 10:07am, 1:03pm, 3:35pm, 4:10pm, 5:06pm, and 5:40pm.  The bus
operates weekdays only, with no weekend or holiday service.  Fare is $2.00.  More
information at or 800-417-2137.

Updated February 27, 2009

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