Airport Public Transit Directory

Utah Transit Authority (UTA) operates four routes from the airport.  Route 50 (Airport
- International Center) connects the airport to downtown and International Center.  
Make sure the bus is going in the direction you need to go.  Buses run from 6:18am
to 11:36pm (6:30pm Sundays) daily, half hourly during high periods, hourly other
times.  Only hourly on weekends.  Route 53 operates sporadically throughout the
day weekdays only and also goes downtown.  Route 54 goes from Grantsville at
5:45am and returns at 4:35pm, weekdays only.  Route 56 goes into West Valley,
ending at Vally Fair Mall.  It runs hourly or half hourly from 5:50am to 11:06pm daily
except Sunday.  Fare is $1.40, an all day pass is $3.50.  Buses pick up between
terminals 1 and 2.  Verify schedules at or call 801-287-4636.

Another option is a free van that is operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of
Ladder-day Saints.  The van departs from the parking lot between terminals one and
two every 30 minutes during the summer, from 10:00am to 7:00pm (hourly in the
spring and fall), and from 9:00am to 2:00pm, hourly, in the winter and Sundays year
round.  It picks up and drops off at Temple Square, just outside the Tabernacle.  No
other stops made, and you are expected to tour the Temple facility.  Nevertheless, it
can get you downtown for free.  Only carry-on size bags allowed on the van.  Check
their web site at or call 800-537-9703.  

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