Roanoke Regional Airport (ROA)

Smart Way Bus operates between Roanoke Regional
Airport, Downtown Roanoke, and Virginia Tech in
Blacksburg.  Transfers can be made to Valley Metro
Transit in Downtown Roanoke and to Blacksburg
Transit at Virginia Tech.  The
bus operates every 60
90 minutes from 6:35am until 7:05pm weekdays, with
an additional bus at 8:35pm on Fridays and Saturdays.  
No Sunday service.  

Verify the schedule at, or call
800-388-7005.  Fare is $4.00, and you must have exact
change.  Transfers to Valley Metro Transit buses are
free, but be sure to ask the driver for a transfer slip.  
The airport bus stop is at the end of the terminal that
is to your left if you are facing the parking lot.
                                                                                                                    Bus stop shelter at the airport
Roanoke's Valley Metro Transit's web site is at, and Blacksburg Transit's web
site is at

Updated September 12, 2013
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