Airport Public Transit Directory


COAST offers a trolley that runs from the airport to Market Square downtown.  The
trolley going in the direction of downtown operates from about 7:05am until about
7:20pm, Monday through Friday, once an hour, mostly at 10 minutes past the hour.  
On Saturday, it operates from about 8:10am until 6:20pm, once every two hours on
the even-numbered hours.  No Sunday or major holiday service.  
You must call for
this service ahead of time
.  You can call once you get your luggage and are
ready to go.  Call 603-743-5777 for the trolley to stop.  On the way back, just let the
driver know you need to go to the airport.  The trolley also runs in the other direction
to Fox Run Mall.  Other COAST routes and Wildcat Transit routes (transportation to
and from the University of New Hampshire) can be picked up from either Market
Square or Fox Run Mall.  Fare is $1.00.  More information at, or
call 603-743-5777.

Updated May 29, 2007

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