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Maui Bus serves the airport on two routes.  Route 40 (Upcountry Islander) connects
the airport to the Ka'ahumanu Center in Kahului, where transfers can be made to
other buses, and to Makawao in the center of the island.  Route 35 (Haiku Islander)  
also connects the airport to Ka'ahumanu Center in Kahului, as well as Pa'ia on the
north shore and Ha'iku.  Make sure the bus is going in the direction you need to go.  
Both buses run daily from about 7:00am until about 10:00pm at 90 minute intervals.  
The bus stop is right in front of the terminal.  Fare is $1.00.  More information at or call 808-871-4838.
Updated September 12, 2010

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