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THE ISLANDS OF THE BAHAMAS                                 

Unfortunately, due to the strong taxi cab union in the Bahamas, inexpensive
transportation at any airport in the Bahamas is not permitted.  Public transportation
exists in the capital city of Nassau and in Freeport on Grand Bahama Island, but
does not go near the airport.  Most hotels and resorts also do not have airport
pickups.  The best strategy is to find someone to share a cab with going in the same
direction you are.  For short visits, or if you plan to explore the island, consider
renting a car.  It is much more cost effective than taking a cab a few time.  In Nassau,
cab rates from the airport to Cable Beach are around $17, $22 to downtown, and
$27 to Paradise Island.  Walking may be in option in the out islands, but are not an
option in Nassau or Freeport.  Your stuck with a cab or rental car in the Bahamas.

Updated September 22, 2008

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