Airport Public Transit Directory


The Mexico City Metro (Metro de la Ciudad de Mexico) is one of the least expensive
and most efficient systems in the world.  It serves the airport with subway line 5, which
connects the Politenico and Pantitlan stations.  To get to the city center, take line 5
from the airport to the Pantitlan station and transfer to line 9 going toward Tacubaya.
 The subway operates from 5:00am until midnight on weekdays, 6:00am until
midnight on Saturdays, and 7:00am until midnight on Sundays and holidays.  Fare is
3 Pesos (about 15 U.S. cents).  They do not accept U.S. money.  Rechargeable
cards are now available for a one-time cost of 10 Pesos.  The airport station is
located across from the domestic airline terminal.  Most Mexico City travel books and
web sites have maps and detailed information concerning using the Metro.
Updated September 12, 2010

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