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Chicago Transit Authority's (CTA) Orange Line connects the airport with downtown.  
From downtown, subways and bus lines can take you anywhere you need to go in
the region.  Trains run every five to ten minutes, nearly all day.  Cost is $2.25, and
you must purchase a transit card at the station in order to go through the turnstile.  
Your first transfer to a bus is .25 (which must be put on your card).  Other transfers
are free.  Cash transfers are no longer accepted, and you'll have to pay full price if
you use cash.  Be sure to put extra transfer money on your transit card at the time of
purchase.  Day passes are $5.75, three, seven, and thirty day passes are also
available.  More information at or call 312- 836-7000.   Bus
connections can be made at the Orange Line Midway station to numerous bus lines.  
Many go into or around the city.  

Pace Suburban Bus Service operates from the CTA Midway Station to the following

Orland Square - Route 379
Along Cicero and Central (ending at Pulaski and 104th) - Route 382
South Cicero - Route 383
Narragansett - Route 384
Along 87th, 111th, and 127th Streets - Route 385
South Harlem - Route 386
UPS Facility - Route 390  

Fare is $1.75.  For more information on suburban routes, look at
and click on schedules/maps, and use the route finder to get a list of routes from
Midway airport.  Pace's phone number is 847-364-7223.  

Updated June 6, 2011

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