Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Lynx, the Central Florida Regional Transportation
Authority, serves the airport with five bus routes.  

Route 11 goes to the Central Station downtown.  From
there, transfers can be made to other lines going
throughout the city and metro area.  Route 11 operates
about every 30 minutes from 5:52am until 7:42pm, then
hourly from 8:57pm until 11:52pm weekdays, similar
schedule Saturday, however the last bus is at 9:52pm,
and hourly on Sundays and holidays from 6:25am until
8:25pm.  Route 51 also goes to the Central Station
downtown every hour from 5:28am until 9:35 pm
weekdays and Saturdays, and hourly from 5:16am until
8:17pm on Sundays and holidays.

Route 42 serves International Blvd and the Orlando Convention
Center.  This route is popular for tourists.  Many hotels and
attractions are along International Blvd.  This route operates every
30 minutes from 5:40am until 10:10pm weekdays and Saturdays,
and from hourly from 6:30am until 9:30pm on Sundays and holidays.

Route 111 is an express route to the Florida Mall and Sea World.  
Service is hourly from 5:30am to 10:30pm daily, including holidays.  

Route 41 follows State Route 436 ending in Apopka.  It operates
from 4:47am until10:50pm, about every 30 minutes, weekdays and Saturday, and hourly on Sundays and
holidays from 5:30am until 9:33pm.                                                                                     

The fare for all routes is $2.00, an all day pass is $4.50, and a seven day pass is $16.00.  You can pay with
exact change (dollar bills will work) on the bus for single rides.  For longer passes, you can purchase them online
www.golynx.com ahead of time or in local Orlando stores.  They cannot be purchased at the airport.  Check
the web site at
www.golynx.com for information and connection opportunities, or call 407-841-5969.  All buses
depart from level 1 on the A-side of the main terminal from commercial lane spaces A38 - A41.

Updated December 31, 2012
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