New York Laguardia Airport (LGA)

The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) operates five routes from
the airport.  

Operates 24 hours a day every 7 to 9 minutes during most hours of the
day.  In the late evening and early morning, buses may be up to 30
minutes apart.  This bus will take you to the subway station on Astoria
Blvd, as well as stations along 125th Street in Harlem.  From the Astoria
Blvd subway station, both the N and Q lines go to Times Square.  From
125th Street, you can take the 4,5 or 6 line to Grand Central Terminal.  
You can also connect to the North Metro Train just inside Manhattan in
Harlem.  Be sure to ask the driver what stop to get off.  The M60 bus is
the best option for most visitors, and stops at all terminals.

The Q33 operates 24 hours every 10 minutes most of the day, up to 30
minutes apart late night and early mornings.  It connects the airport with
the subway line 7 at Roosevelt Ave and the E,F,M and R lines at the
74th Street Bus Terminal in Queens.  It stops at all terminals except the
Marine Air Terminal.  

Q47                                                                                                              Look for this sign at the bus stop outside terminal       
Operates a similar route as the Q33 from the Marine Air Terminal.                         

Runs most of the day at 20 minute intervals, 30 minutes in the late evening and early morning, but does not run
late nights.  Longer intervals on weekends.  It connects to the 7 subway line and the Long Island Railroad, and
stops at Citi Field, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, and the National Tennis Center from all terminals.  

Operates about every 10 minutes most of the day and drops off at the 7 subway line at the Junction Blvd station,
as well as the M and R subway lines at 63 Drive at Rego Park.

Fare is $2.25.  You can pay in cash with coins (no bills accepted on the bus) and a change machine is just inside
the terminal at all stops, or you will need to purchase a MetroCard.  These can also be purchased just inside the
terminal near the bus stop.  If you purchase a MetroCard, the fare is $2.50 and you can put as many rides on the
card as you want.  You get a discount if you put $10 or more on the card.  There is no one day pass anymore.  
The shortest period for an unlimited ride pass is 7 days, and that costs $29.00.  Be aware that transfers are not
free from buses to the subway, but are free from bus to bus and subway to bus.  Therefore if you take the bus
from the airport you will have to pay for the bus and the subway ride separately.

Check out or call 877-690-5116 or 511 from the New York City area for more information.

Updated June 19, 2012
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