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The airport is now connected to the New York area subway system by the AirTrain.  
The Airtrain operates free between all airport terminals, but will cost $5.00 to connect
to the subway and other transportation at either the Howard Beach/JFK station or the
Jamaica/Sutphin Blvd station.  The fastest way to Manhattan is to go to the Jamaica
station and take the E line, which enters Manhattan at Lexington at 51st.  Connect to
the 4, 5, or 6 train and go one stop south to Grand Central Station.  Stay on the E
line for Penn Station.  Also at Jamaica is the J and the Z line that will take you to the
Lower East Side and the Financial District.  The Long Island Rail Road and
numerous Queens buses also depart from the Jamaica station.  From the Howard
Beach station, connections can be made to the A line.  This train goes through
Queens under Fulton St. and enters Manhattan in the Financial District.  Even on an
express, the A line makes a lot of stops, and takes much longer than the E line out of
the Jamaica station.  The subway is $2.00 and the Long Island Rail Road is about
$6.75 to Manhattan, depending on you final destination.  Allow about an hour to get
downtown.  Subway information and Long Island Rail Road can be found at or call 718-330-1234.  

Updated April 12, 2006

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