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Suffolk County Transit operates Route S57 from the airport to the Ronkonkoma
(Long Island Railroad) train station, which will take you into New York City or further
east on Long Island.  Stay on the bus if your destination is Lake Grove.  Service
starts at 7:30am, then runs hourly from 7:55am until 6:55pm.   Route S57 also runs
in the other direction from 6:50am until 7:52pm toward Sayville.  
Make sure you are
on the correct bus when you board
.  Service runs daily except Sunday.  No Sunday
or holiday service.  Fare is $1.50 and transfers on other Suffolk County Transit only
is 25 cents.  More information at or call 631-852-5200.

The Long Island Railroad fare starts at $6.50, and will drop you off at Penn Station in
Manhattan.  Go to or call 631-231-5477 for information on
Long Island Railroad.   

Updated January 21, 2007

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