Indianapolis International Airport (IND)

The Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IndyGo) serves the airport with Route 8.  Buses
operate weekdays every 30 minutes from 5:20am until 7:29pm, then again at 8:39pm, 9:49pm and 11:04pm.  On
Saturdays, buses operate at 6:02am, then every 30 minutes from 7:02am until 6:31pm, then again at 7:27pm, 8:
37pm, 9:47pm, and 11:02pm.  On Sundays and holidays, buses run at 7:03am, then every 30 minutes from 8:
03am until 6:34pm, then again at 7:20pm.  Buses go downtown and then toward Washington Square Mall.  

Look for the shelter marked "Indygo" outside of baggage claim on the middle island.  Fare is $1.
75 and an all day
pass is $4.00, exact change only
.  For more information, go to or call 317-635-3344.
Updated February 8, 2013

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