Wilmington International Airport (ILM)

There is no direct public transportation to the Wilmington International Airport, however Wave Transit has a stop
near the airport, approximately 0.6 miles or about an 11 minute walk from the terminal.  The stop is in front of the
VA Clinic on the right side leaving the airport.  Route 207 North makes a stop there every hour at :44 past the
hour from 6:44am until 8:44pm, weekdays only.  No Saturday or Sunday service.  The bus goes to the downtown
station where transfers can be made to other buses.  Be aware that the trip from the airport is about 15 minutes,
while the return trip is about 45 minutes.  Fare is $2.00 and transfers are free (except on route 301).  Day passes
are $5.00.  More information at
www.wavetransit.com or call 910-343-0106.  

Updated June 13, 2013
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