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Gary Public Transit has a bus that runs every other hour.  Route 12A runs
eastbound (toward downtown Gary and South Shore Railroad Station, from the
casino) on the odd hours at :19 past the hour, westbound on the even hours on the
:36 of the hour (from downtown and the rail station, to the casino).  Go to the web
site or call 219-884-6100 for more information on schedules.  
Service runs from about 6:00am to 9:00pm.  Fare is $2.00.  No Sunday service.  

The South Shore Railroad ( can be reached by taking Gary Public
Transit EASTBOUND.  Take the westbound bus going to the airport.  It is only about
a mile and a half from the airport terminal, so take a cab if you are in a hurry.  Trains
run every hour or so, and cost $5.30 one-way.  A weekend pass is available for
$4.50.  Be aware the Gary Airport train station is a flag stop.  The train will only stop
if you press the button on the shelter requesting the train to stop.  A strobe light
requests the train to stop.  However, it is only lit for 10 minutes, so make sure you
press it again if needed.  Also, not all train doors will open, so look for one with a
uniformed agent at it.  Trains leave for Chicago at 4:51am, 5:46am, 6:38am, 6:55am,
8:04am, 9:34am, 10:19am, 11:19am, 12:29pm, 1:31pm, 3:26pm, 4:41pm, 5:31pm,
6:51pm and 9:17pm.  Eastbound, toward South Bend at 6:56am, 8:48am, 9:31am,
11:06am, 1:26pm, 3:26pm, 4:06pm, 4:52pm, 5:20pm, 6:06pm, 6:24pm, 6:49pm,
8:04pm, 9:36pm, 12:06am, and 1:36am.   Double check times on the web site.  

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