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There are two bus companies that serve the
Guatemala City airport.  Transurbano is an air
conditioned motor coach that links the airport to
downtown.  Once downtown, transfers can be
made to other parts of the area.  Buses operate
from 4:00am until 11:00pm.  Check for fares when
you board.  

Parabus also serves the airport on Route 83.  
This bus is the cheapest alternative, and is the               
Transurbano bus stop at airport
one used by the locals.  These buses are painted
red and are former school buses.  They also go
downtown and to other parts of town.  They run
more frequently than Transurbano, and run all
day.  Ask the driver about the fare, and make
sure the bus is going the direction you need to go.
Not all drivers speak English.  

To get to the bus stop, go to the upper level of
the terminal (arrivals).  As you exit, cross the
entrance road and look for a ramp on the left side                   
Parabus bus stop
of the parking deck.  Take this ramp to the road
on the other side of the parking deck.  Both bus stops will be to your right.  

Updated August 25, 2011

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