Airport Public Transit Directory


Broward County Transit (BCT) Route 1 runs about every
20 -30 minutes from about 5:30am until about 11:30pm daily.  
The bus goes between downtown, the airport, and Aventura
Mall, where connections can be made with Metro-Dade transit.  
Bus service in Broward County is very good, and connections
can be made throughout the city and county.  Check the web
site or call 954-357-8400 for information
on schedules and destinations.  Buses can be picked up at the
west end of terminal one, between terminal 2 and 3, and
between terminals 3 and 4.  Fare is $1.00.  

Tri-Rail train service connects Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and              
bus stop sign at airport
West Palm Beach.  A special Tri-Rail shuttle picks up passengers
at the airport for a ride to the train station.  Trains run hourly.  Check
or call 800-874-7245 for destinations and times.  

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From Bull on November 20, 2008

great web site!  Much needed info.

I recently caught the Broward county bus from FLL to Aventura mall and then transferred from there
to the Miami/Dade bus to get to South beach.  Your information as stated is spot on.  Buses stop in
front or near each of the FLL terminals and takes about an hour to get to Aventura mall.  The
Miami/Dade bus stop is right beside.  Tell the driver where you are going and he will issue a
transfer to give to the next driver.  Then the fare is only $0.50 with the transfer.  All together the bus
ride including waiting was well over 2 hours :-(
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