Denver International Airport (DEN)

A variety of public transportation is available from Denver International
Airport.  For all of the following routes, additional information is available
at or call 303-299-6000 or 800-366-7433.  All
buses depart from the East Terminal, Level  5, Island 5.  They arrive at
the West Terminal.

Route AF (Express) connects the airport to downtown Denver, dropping
off at the 16th Street Mall, Greyhound Bus Station, Market Street Station
and Union Station.   The route ends at Federal Center and the Cold                          
Door to bus pick up area
Springs Park-n-Ride.   The route operates daily from about 6:50am until 1
2:50am every 30 to 60 minutes.  It also departs from the East Terminal at
4:50am and 5:20am.  It operates less frequently on weekends and
holidays.  Fare is $8.00 to $12.00, depending on your destination.

Route AB (Express) connects the airport with Boulder.  The route goes
by the University of Colorado at Boulder at 16th and Euclid.  The route
operates mostly hourly from about 4:22am until 10:48pm daily.  Fare is

Route AT (Express) goes from the airport to Arapahoe Transit Station                        Bus pick up at Island 5
in Greenwood Village.  Buses go to Greenwood Village about once an
hour, however, not all Route AT buses go there.  Most only go as far as
Airport Blvd Park-n-Ride, so it is very important you ask the driver if the
bus goes where you need it to.  Fare is $8.00 to $12.00, depending on
your destination.

Route AS (Express) goes between the airport and East Denver’s
Stapleton Transit Center.  Buses operate every 30 minutes from about
4:10am until 1:10am daily.  Fare is $8.00.  

Route AA is an Express with stops along East 104th Street, ending at                        Bus drop off at door 511
Wagon Road Park-n-Ride.   Buses operate hourly from 6:05am until
11:15pm daily.  Fare is $8.00.

Route 145x goes to Brighton, and is a local route along East 120th St and
Sable Blvd.  It only operates at 1:20pm and 2:30pm daily.  Fare is $4.00.
Route 169Ltd connects the airport to Arapahoe Crossing Shopping Center.  
It leaves from the East Terminal only at 1:40pm, 2:40pm, 3:10pm, 3:40pm,
5:10pm, 7:10pm and 10:10pm.  Fare is $2.25.

City of Arvada operates a shuttle between the airport and Olde
Town Arvada Park-n-Ride.  Cost is $12.00 per passenger.  Web site is                        
Sign at drop off island
or call 720-898-7554 for schedules.  

Updated December 7, 2010

Bus schedule sign
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