Airport Public Transit Directory


Metrorail, the region's subway and light rail system, provides an excellent link from
the airport to the city.  The yellow line is the fastest and most direct way to the sites
around the Mall.  Transfers can be made to other lines at L'Enfant Plaza and Gallery
Place-Chinatown.  Get off at Archives-Navy Memorial to get close to the Mall.  The
blue line goes a longer route, through Rosalyn, but can get you directly to the Mall
and the Smithsonian without changing trains.  Make sure you get on trains going the
proper direction.  Trains operate 5:00am (7:00am on weekends) to midnight (3:00am
Friday and Saturday nights), about 15 minutes apart.  Cost is $1.35 to $3.90
depending on distance.  Rates are higher during rush hour.  For information, go to for information or call 202-962-1234.

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