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Volusia County Transit (Votran) serves the airport on Route 9.  Buses run once an
hour from 7:21am to 6:21pm weekdays, and from 7:20am to 5:20pm on Saturdays,
no service on Sundays.  Route 9 goes to Embry Riddle University, Volusia Mall, and
the Transit Plaza downtown, where transfers can be made to the beach and
elsewhere in the city.  Ask the driver for the best transfer to get to the Daytona
International Speedway.  Fare is $1.25, and a day pass is $3.00.  Since free
transfers are no longer available (it costs full fare to transfer), a day pass may be
your best deal.  Three-day, seven-day and 31-day passes also available.  Go to or call 386-943-7033 for more information.  

Updated April 16, 2007

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