Akron/Canton Regional Airport (CAK)

There are two bus services that serve Akron.  The Metro Regional Transit
Authority (METRO)
serves the airport on line 110.  It drops off at the transit center
in downtown Akron.  On weekdays, the bus departs the airport at 6:19am, 7:25am,
1:10pm, 6:15pm and 6:47pm.  This service does not operate Saturdays, Sundays
or holidays.  Fare is $1.25 and an all day pass is $2.50.  More information at
www.akronmetro.org or call 330-762-0341 (toll free at 800-227-9905).

The Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA) operates bus 81 on
weekdays from 6:09am to 8:09pm, hourly.  It drops off at the Akron transit center
downtown as well.  Fare is $1.50, day pass is $3.00.

To Canton, take SARTA bus 81 in the other direction.  It operates from 7:09am until
9:09pm hourly on weekdays going toward Canton.  On Saturday, bus 81L operates
hourly from 6:40am until 9:40pm every hour.  No Sunday service.  Ask the driver                      
 Airport Bus Stop
what direction the bus is going in if you have any doubt.  Fare is $1.50, day pass is
$3.00.  Transfers available to Pro Football Hall of Fame and McKinley Memorial in downtown Canton at the transit
center.  Web site is
www.sartaonline.com or call 330-454-6132.

Both bus services pick up and drop off outside and to the left of the terminal, near the bend in the entrance road.  
Look for the sign.

Updated May 28, 2012
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