Airport Public Transit Directory

GRANTLY ADAMS INT'L AIRPORT, BARBADOS (BGI)                                 

Buses operate every 10 to 20 minutes between the airport and all of the major towns
in Barbados.  The destination of the bus will show on the sign in the drivers window.  
Be sure to ask the drive if he is going to where you need to go as most buses go
through many towns.  Buses end their route in Speightown, but also stop in
Bridgetown and Holetown.  The cost of the bus is BDS$1.50 (75 U.S. cents), and
exact change is required.  The bus system in Barbados is very good, and you can
plan to use it while you tour the island.  For more information on buses in Barbados,
call the Barbados Transport Board at 246-436-6820.

Updated September 22, 2008

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