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Bermuda Breeze is the public transportation
system of Bermuda.  Four lines serve the
airport.  Routes 10 and 11 are the fastest
routes to Hamilton.  Route 1 goes to Hamilton
as well, but goes on a slower route along the
south side of the island.  Route 3 also takes
a slower route though the center of the island.
All buses also go to St. George on the
easternmost part of the island.  Ask the
driver what direction the bus is going before
getting on.  All buses going to Hamilton stop
at City Hall, which is in walking distance to                  
The bus stop shelter at the airport.
everything in town.  Fares range from $3.00
to $4.50, depending on distance and the fare must be paid for with coins.  U.S. coins
are acceptable.  The best deal is a day pass for $12.00, and multi-day passes are
available as well, but you will need to buy those at the main ferry station in downtown
Hamilton.  Day passes are good for all public transportation, including ferries.  Most
hotels and resorts are located on the transportation lines, but verify with your hotel or
the tourist information desk for details.  The bus stop is located across the street
from the Air Canada check-in drop off.  
If you take the bus, be aware they will not let
you take large pieces of luggage on the bus.  Technically, they do not like tourists to
use the bus to go to and from the airport.  The bus will only work for you if you have
small bags, and only one or two per person.
 For more information, go to www. or call 441-292-3851.  

Visitors to Bermuda are not permitted to rent cars, so you can only get around by
public transportation, scooter, taxi, group van or limo.  

Updated September 10, 2010

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