However, I quickly realized that renting cars, taking cabs and group shuttles was eating into
my travel budget.  I looked for a cheaper alternative.  

In Europe, just about every airport has a rail connection to the city with plenty of frequency
per day.  Through lots of research, I discovered that, while most U.S. and Canadian airports
don’t have the elaborate train systems of Europe (although some do), almost all of the
airports I’ve visited have some sort of very inexpensive public transportation link from the
airport to the downtown area of the city.  Most are not well publicized by the airport, and often
only locals and airport employees know about it.  But if they go where you are going, you can
save a ton of money.  

All of the major hub airports in the U.S and Canada have a public transit link, but so do many
of the medium cites and small commercial airports.  
Aspen, Colorado; Morgantown, West
Virginia; Santa Rosa, California; Key West, Florida; Erie, Pennsylvania and Whitehorse in the
Yukon Territory all have frequent public transportation from the airport that is a good option
for travelers.  

See the ever expanding list of cheap public transportation links to and from the airport on  Comment on your experience on public transportation
services you’e used and research new cities to see if there’s an option for you to save a
money on your next trip.  All the while supporting a service that is environmentally friendly
and helps locals who rely on the public transportation to go to work and get around.  

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